Day 4: Stop and Stare

Way back in primary school, teachers used phrases such as “the ball is in your court” and “the cards are in your hand” to inspire us to read hard for those PLE exams.
We felt we were in control at that moment, but little did we know that society will help us hold that ball or even shuffle those cards.

When I was that young innocent (still innocent) boy, I had such a simple perspective of this world, to respect elders at all times even when that old man came from the village and commanded me to remove his smelly socks, i would obey since he was the uncle to my father.
Reading hard was no option lest you end up like Lupayi who was taking care of the school piggery project or even that guy pushing a cart through town shouting “faasi faasi”.
I would imagine those two scenarios and read like there was no tomorrow.

After reading very hard, one was destined to get a good job, a good car, a beautiful lady who would dance to “move your body like a snake” and live in that humongous house.
I ended up getting fairly good grades so everyone assured me that the future was bright.

Fast foward to the end of campus, family and friends started asking me if they could meet that cute girl i had managed to fall in love with while at campus.
“Was I supposed to come out of campus with a girlfriend?” I asked.
“You see Silver, you have to build love, these girls you get after accumulating money won’t be there for you, but your money”

Did that mean I had made a blunder that cost me a truly loving wife?

Societal demands rarely allow us to take those baby steps when growing up, to understand a situation and go for something when you are really ready for it. Unlucky for me, I had failed society by not getting a girlfriend at campus, but what if in my perspective I had failed to see someone i could perfectly relate with.

How is one supposed to stop and stare, and be that person you really want to be, if at all you remember who you are?


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One Response to Day 4: Stop and Stare

  1. wakweika says:

    True. Society demands are unrealistic most of the time. If you fail to see that early enough…trouble!

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