Day 5: Scofield and Sara

Every weekday after work, I come home all tired. All I can do is get myself through the door, rip off those clothes, wear my black shorts and enjoy that rolex.

The defeaning silence always lingers in the house, so i have to put on the radio at full blast. It is then that i realise how much I want to come home and see a cute face or hear a sweet voice.
To have that feeling that I’m not alone.
I really want that face and voice to be yours.

I could own the white house, with the finest decor from China. But without you in those rooms, the house would be incomplete.

We could live in that grass thatched house with walls made from mud, with the roof leaking during the rainy season. But when I swing back that wooden door, after a whole day of rearing cattle, you welcome me with that beautiful smile. It would be just as good if we were in the white house.

I want to be with you and turn these empty echos in rooms into a home. I want when I’m all stressed trying to finish up a report, you are there sitting on the sofa with a remote in your hand, enjoying those mexican soaps.

I want when i leave for work, it’s for us and our kids.
I would do all Scoffield did to make sure Sara was safe, i could get those blue prints for luzira prison just for you.

What is life without you, come let’s share this empty house and act our own prison break.


About silwaxxy2013

Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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