Day 8: Keep It Simple

As one is dating and enjoying the copulation that comes with it, there will be that morning when she asks ” What are we?” or “When are you putting a ring on it”.
This always sends guys into a cold shudder.

Personally i think weddings must be the most stressing activity in the life of man. The work that goes into organising one is unimaginable.
It must be the reason why after the wedding, that night the bride doesn’t even think about “congratulating” the groom.

As usual, the biggest problem is accumulating money, you can send out messages to 500 people inviting them for your wedding meeting but only 15 show up. When you call a few, they blacklist your number.

Then there is the traditional ceremony before the wedding, the father of the bride can demand items which can take you 10 years to accumulate.

The best option should be to meet the bride’s family beforehand and lower their expectations, I believe it can save much.

I don’t think weddings should constitute the hullabaloo of inviting people whom you have never met all in the name of amassing numbers and accumulating some money to pay for the services.

So If you are reading this, our wedding won’t involve those flashy cars or even a helicopter like some I watch on tv.
I believe that money can be used to organise a roadtrip to one of these numerous natural parks for just the two of us.


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Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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