Day 9: The Cost of Humility

“Humility is the ability to give up your pride and still regain your diginity”.
For reasons i can’t explain there are those people you meet and in the first 5 minutes of interaction, you know everything about their academic qualifications or how much they earn.

Personally I wouldn’t respect a person who wants to be known for how much money they have accumulated or those numerous degrees they have achieved.

Humility is an essential when trying to secure yourself the better half.
On a date, one doesn’t have to know you by how many cars your ex owned or how many rentals his father gave him, but your future ambitions.
Take some time and notice how one treats the waiter at a restaurant, it speaks volumes.

In this world, there are those individuals who get juicy jobs and completely ignore their friends, after losing the job, they start sending apology messages to rekindle the friendship.
Given this rainy season, if you are that someone who drives that dark tinted government car, it costs nothing to miss that pothole instead of hitting it and leaving all the pedestrians soiled up.

Humility comes with etiquette, one of the most treasured values, don’t think by accumulating those 5 degrees you have a right to pass-by the cleaner without greeting him.
Be as humble as possible and society will accord you the respect you deserve.

You should greet everyone who offers you a service, ranging from the boda boda guy, to the cleaner at work till to your top bosses.
It doesn’t cost anything to say a “Wasuze otya Ssebo (good morning sir)”, but it will be a step to make the world a more friendly place to live in.


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Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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