Day 10: Taxi Tutelage

For an individual that takes an average of 2 taxis a day, I can proudly say that I have mastered the art of boarding taxis.
First there are taxi conductors, these graduated from the school of seduction, they can easily convince you to take their taxis even though it’s going in the opposite direction.

There are those seats which will make your journey hell or be susceptible to robbery. Front seats are not good for security reasons, and the one next to the conductor can make your journey a nightmare since he always squeezes there an extra passenger.
The back seats are stressful when getting out since 4 people have to first go out before you can get out.

Always avoid sitting next to people who constantly cough or sneeze lest you will be getting out of that taxi to enter a pharmacy.

When going for long journeys, never forget your earphones, this saves you from passengers who always want to tell you about their lives (especially those old men) or the annoying music remixes that the driver plays.

Always consult on the fare of your journey beforehand, taxi conductors have an instinct to detect passengers who don’t know the price and end up charging them twice.

One must always be alert when entering or leaving a taxi and lastly never take an empty taxi however seductive the conductor may be.


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