Day 11: My Soulmate

On my travels upcountry in a bus, I always prefer sitting to a 20 something fairly beautiful lady so that we can discuss freely about life and it’s shortcomings.
I have seen hell sitting next to old people because they always complain about the youth, statements like “you young people will never grow old like us, you are always looking into those computers and carrying those things which blare music into your ears”.

This time she was more than what I expected, calm, open minded and talkative. She told me how she had just completed her final ACCA exam yesterday and now she was travelling to the village to relax.
After 2 hours, her eyelids got heavy and she was in slumber land, this prompted me to untangle my earphones and blare that music the old man talked about.
Sleep also caught up with me and for a moment, I think we met in our dreams.

The bus then stopped for passengers to get muchomo (meat served on the roadside), that’s when we woke up and continued with our conversation.
This time she started bringing in her boyfriend, how she couldn’t cook for him kalo (meal made from millet) and other issues which always emanate during dating. We then talked about hangouts in Kampala but she rarely went out since books occupied most of her time.

As we approached our destination, she invited me for her introduction ceremony which was in 3 months.
I felt cheated, why did God make me a perfect match but for another man. If I was created 4 years earlier, I would have been the one introducing this beautiful, intelligent and humble girl since we would have met at a high school function or even in those halls at university.

So briefly that was a case of meeting my soulmate whose soul belonged to another person.


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Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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