Day 12: What Is Life?

What is life? That was my first question when I got the news about the loss of Rusiimwa Derrick who was electrocuted in a shower on Sunday morning.

In life, we are born, told to read very hard, finally graduate, become slaves to our bosses and finally kick the bucket. It’s up to one to realise happiness in those stages.
Though some people leave before completing the whole process which is unfortunate.
Derrick has been a friend for 6 years and was working as a loans officer in one of these banks but in their Kabale branch.

I last met him 2 months ago, when I had gone to Kabale for some work. We sat in a kafunda (small bar) which was playing some good music and as usual the beers kept flowing.
We talked about the future, when one should be ready for marriage, which car to buy and other issues which affect a normal guy in this era.

After the news about his death, I stopped to figure out my life.
What if you can never get life right?
What if we are just here to enjoy life but most of us work round the clock trying to accumulate money we will never enjoy?

All I came up with was that there is only one Superior Being who watches over us and I hope Derrick is there with Him.


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