Day 13: The City That Never Sleeps

Some scenarios happen but you have to rub your eyes twice to confirm that it was not just a dream.
It was on a Sunday morning as I walked to the market to get some vegetables to cure my hangover.

I saw this new Range Rover Evoque UAX….. being driven by a lady in her mid-20s, the car was a beauty so was the lady. I told my soul “We should drive these when we grow up”. So I continued with my walk to the market, but on my way back, the lady was standing next to the church wailing and commanding bodaboda drivers to block all the roads nearby in a bid to recover her car, though all of them paid a deaf ear.

Turns out my bodaboda guy was waiting for worshippers at the same church to carry home, so I asked what happened to that beauty of a car.

The car had been parked well, but some 2 guys came 5 minutes later, powered it and drove it away. The lady had forgotten her bible in the car so she came back for it only to find a probox parked in the space of her beauty.

I felt pity for the poor lady since she couldn’t explain to her sponsor how such a masterpiece was lost in a space of 5 minutes.
This goes out to all car owners, never leave your keys with guys who wash your cars since getting a spare key only requires a bar of soap.


About silwaxxy2013

Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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