Day 19: On Tough Love

While at an introduction ceremony, I met Lydia, a cousin who has approached that age when a lady is ripe for marriage, so she told me about her journey of finding Mr.Right.
She vowed never to marry a Mukiga (tribe) man but had a soft spot for Baganda (tribe) men.
“Bakiga men are not soft spoken, they cannot sweeten a conversations by whispering nothings into my ear unlike Baganda men who use words like darling, mukwaano (my love) and kimuli kyange (my rose).

I couldn’t help but ask, why is it that females pay so much importance to what goes into their ears than what their eyes see.
Would you rather have a Mukiga man who sweats the whole day to provide food for the family but has trouble saying sweet nothings or a Muganda man who leaves the house at midday after kissing you multiple goodbyes and comes back home empty handed and says baby tofaayo, tujakuyiiya (don’t worry baby, we shall find a way).
Both these gentlemen have expressed love but which one would you prefer?

Unfortunately a lot of people weigh the amount of affection offered by their partners based on those 3 famous words missing the bigger picture.
In movies and series, the Whites treat their ladies with so much love and attention but we guys have grown up in the African culture of tough love, so you have to be patient with us as we adjust to these new trends.

How many of our parents tell us that they love us, but does it mean that they don’t care?
So Lydia and the rest, while you continue your search for Mr.Right, look deeper into his actions, they could be screaming the loudest “I love you”.


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