Day 20: Religion Is Not Just Praise and Worship

I have grown to believe that the most powerful influencer on this earth is Religion. Churches influence masses but their leaders have become clouded in their continuous search for numbers and money, some even have atms at their churches. The plan is to collect more money, build more branches or expand their churches from a 300 seater into a 5000 seater.

Personally I went to Catholic schools for the biggest part of my education. They sold more than religion, but discipline and growing into a citizen who sees more than what meets the eye.
Looking at these Pastors, all they do is accumulate masses who have to drop in “something” everytime they visit their churches.
Do the Pastors ever offer anything to society?
How many employment opportunities have they provided for the youth?
But they continue preaching the delusional assumptions which include healing all diseases.

Money collected from offertory is tax free, so why not use a portion of it to construct a school or even an orphanage for the community, these would take care of children and offer employment opportunities to the youth.
But all they do with that money is drive the latest range rover models and move in convoys waving to people who have no shelter over their heads or even food to eat.

There is a church being opened up at every corner in Kampala, but one asks where is our original church?
The one which built hospitals and schools.
All Pastors do is feed their masses with Bible verses and sell their God who only blesses those who put money in that basket.

The Missionaries must be regretting why they came here to introduce religion after seeing what churches have become, their legacy has been washed away.


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