Day 24: On Missionaries and Sex

Disclaimer: This post is not about how the Missionary style was invented.

As a humble kid who grew up in a typical religious background, sex was a taboo, never to be discussed in public or with any of your parents.
This was largely inspired by the Bible which tells us that sex before marriage is a sin.
Why then does God give us all this natural sex energy before we are even 18 years yet in a normal setting, one can get married in their mid-20s?

Do you notice an increase in cases of husbands sleeping with their housegirls or wives found sleeping with bodaboda guys and chapati sellers?

This is because when one decides to follow religion and get married in their mid-20s, one will have no clue on how to satisfy their partner sexually, something that was imparted in that housegirl, chapati seller or bodaboda guy while they were still in the village.

In the village setting, information regarding sex is freely shared and there is always that “spoilt” boy or girl who is willing to teach you those coverted sexual acts.

The Missionaries brought religion which we welcomed amicably and most of us are still guided by it. Religion also teaches us that dwelling on lustful sexual thoughts is sinful and a distraction from one’s spiritual nature.

But as humans, sexual desire is a natural part of our anatomy and for a marriage to flourish, the sex has to be good. So we should embrace this and find ways of learning these coverted sexual acts either by visiting our Ssengas (aunties) or learning from other people who really know these things.

And when we give birth to our own kids, let’s not assume sex education is bad for them and later claim it’s good when they come of age.


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