Day 25: The Taxi Illusion

After a whole day of running around Makerere University where the staff are rarely in their offices, you walk to the stage and enter that taxi with a few seats left to be occupied.

The passengers in this particular taxi are men in their 30s who are reading Bukedde (local newspaper). When one more passenger enters, the Bukedde readers swiftly disembark making the taxi empty……What the Hell?

Meet the ghost passengers of Kampala, these are mature men who wake up every morning, head to the city and sit at taxi stages ready to create that illusion that taxis are partially filled.

The most annoying bit is the driver who keeps raving the engine and driving the taxi back and forth making you think that you are about to set off yet the actual driver is sitted on a bench chatting away with the Katogo (meal which is a mixture of matooke and beans) lady.

By the time these seats are replaced by the real innocent passengers, one will have wasted an hour of their life sitting in an old taxi.

Always be alert when taking a taxi at a stage and our dear Pope should come and pray for these bloody pretenders.


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One Response to Day 25: The Taxi Illusion

  1. Nancy Oyula says:

    I feel you. Happens in Kenya too with the P.S.Vs. ‘Fake’ passengers who board Matatus to trick ‘real’ passengers that the matatu is almost full. As you wait for the vehicle to depart, half of the passengers leave. Sucks especially if you’re in a hurry ’cause one wastes a lot of time.


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