Day 26: A Case Of The Double Dealer

After a whole evening of playing football, we would head to the shower and later have the thinnest slice of posho for our supper. One had to be creative lest you spend your evening prep and night on an empty stomach.

That was life at St.Savio Junior School, one of the legendary primary schools in Uganda. Here life was a case of survival for the fittest.
For one to survive, he had to eat more than what was served, so some of us would “double deal” (going for another round of a meal illegally).
There were various techniques of double dealing, you could wear a sweater on your first round and later come with only a t-shirt or you could hide your face on the first round for security purposes when coming for the second one.

Hunger has a way of making people creative, so this particular Wednesday, I had made a vow not to eat one piece of mpuuta (a type of fish). Mpuuta evenings were equivalent to the Pope’s coming, security was very tight and it was supervised by the headmaster. So I had to apply my best skills on this particular evening.

So after the first round, I borrowed a sweater and made sure my breath didn’t have the mpuuta smell. I noticed how the headmaster kept his eyes on me as I entered the line but i gave him that innocent look.
As soon as I put my plate to be served the delicacy, the headmaster whiskered me away but i kept telling him “Sir, I haven’t eaten anything, look at my fingers and my lips”.

What followed was me cleaning the dining hall alone since the cleaning lady was ordered to go home early this particular evening. I was welcomed by laughter in class that evening and ever since then, I have never been greedy for the fine food served.


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