Day 28: My Village Belle

If looks were anything to go by, Kaboido was one guy beauty forgot. I grew up in the same village as him and I learnt a few essentials in life from him for example how to ride a bike, talking to girls and milking cattle.

Kyefamu was the village belle, the whole trading centre would come to a stand still as she walked from her mother’s garden to her home. She kept declining Kaboido’s advances who at the time would woo any young girl with his Runyankole (language in Uganda) eloquence.
Kaboido took this as an opportunity for me to get my first girlfriend given the fact that my father was fairly respected in the village and girls tend to like success.

I was to undergo a series of tutorials on how to win this village belle from Kaboido and his fellow Cassanovas. I had the perfect wing-men for this job.

So we started stalking Kyefamu while she was digging under the strict supervision of her mother, trying to look for loopholes which we would use to our advantage.

We devised a strategy of sending love letters to her through their milkman. The milkman would pass by Kaboido’s farm in the morning and pick the letter i had affectionately written the previous evening.
Replies would take 2-3 days since one does not easily win love from the village belle.

After some 3 weeks, we had mastered and beaten her mother’s security, I would finally see Kyefamu and pour out my love lines i had copied from that Standard Companion book.

I did well on our first “date” and we kept meeting in secluded places to profess our love for each other. I would sometimes come with sweets or other small gifts.

We became the talk of the village but unfortunately for me, education had to be pursued so I had to spend some good months away from the village and this meant that our love would slowly fade away.

Last time I met Kyefamu was in Wandegeya, she was pregnant and holding a kid in her left hand while I was busy struggling to photocopy handouts to finish my course.


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