Are You The Side Or The Main “Bae”?

Today is Valentines day, as some call it Single Awareness day. It’s one of the few days when you notice your relevance in someone’s love life.

On this particular date at campus, i decided to visit a cousin in her hostel since most of my friends had gone to paint the streets red. In her room, there were a couple of girls who were also “valentine-less”.

What captured my attention was Brenda, she looked worried all the time, always checking her phone and making several calls.

Turns out Brenda was staying in a room at that hostel with her boyfriend who had left very early on that particular day without informing her about his whereabouts.
She tried calling the guy’s friends but all of them were clueless about where he would have gone (the guy code).

Her female friends including my cousin kept consoling her that maybe her guy decided to visit his mother and wanted no interruptions. But i kept an evil grin on my face knowing that this guy was busy eloping with some other girl and they were painting those Wandegeya streets red.

She started crying at around 10pm but her tears were wiped away 30 minutes later when the guy arrived all worn out. He gave a few excuses like “my battery went down” to which the girl blindly fell for.

Atleast she got an hour and a half of the day of love but this was after some other girl had exhausted her “bae”‘s loins and love experience.

So today should be the time you know where you lie, are you the main or the side “bae”?


About silwaxxy2013

Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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4 Responses to Are You The Side Or The Main “Bae”?

  1. nevender says:

    This is why I recommend marriage.


  2. naiveugandan says:

    I spread my love all year round 🙂


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