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‘No fingers in my Nini please’, says Chili

Well, this blog started as a real porno story till she gradually slowed it down, on twitter i would say “awa maney” but anyway things happen. I felt it was worth it….hope you enjoy the read. First he kisses you … Continue reading

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My Nankani is the Revolution by Miss Ruby Woo

Society never wants people to openly express themselves sexually. I had this in mind but was looking for words to express it until i read this nice piece. I had to use the “Nankani” word because the word “pussy” would … Continue reading

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Straight Girls, Sex and Curiosity by Kagure Mugo

I enjoy reading blogs but after taking my time to read this masterpiece, I felt it would be good to share it….hope you enjoy. I had always found women intriguing. I did not necessarily see it as a sexual , … Continue reading

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The Girl Named Liz

One thing i’ve learnt in my profession is that you will always meet people…. beautiful or ugly, fully brained or empty and loners or socialists. One day as I was working, there was this girl who passed and was so … Continue reading

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Yesterday I was helping out a girl understand some of her economics notes involving regression analysis and rank correlation. As I solved the numbers, I questioned myself whether she could ever apply any of this stuff in real life and … Continue reading

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