The Greedy Land Lady

I’ve been in Kabale for the last 3 months and for such a period, one ought to get a place to rent.

When I tried using brokers to find a room to rent and either the room was not self contained or it was too far away from Kabale town.

I have to admit I always stay next to the town because of my football fanaticism, Barcelona matches normally end late in the night and it’s always unsafe to travel far distances on a boda-boda.

So after brokers couldn’t get me what I needed, I opted to go out solos and get a place to rent. I landed on a single room self contained just a few metres from the town.

I got into negotiations with the land lady who wasn’t willing to adjust the price claiming she would pay for both electricity and water.

When I entered the room to stay for the 2 months i had paid for, water and electricity were in abundance but some 3 days later, water got cut off. She also claimed that I should arrive before 10:00pm daily since it’s an enclosed place without a watchman.

I approached the landlady about the water issue and she claimed there was a problem with the tank and it would be rectified immediately.

Turns out she disconnected the tank herself and wants the tenants to use water from jerrycans and recently she approached us with a proposal to contribute money daily to buy jerrycans of water since there is a scarcity in the area.

I gave her enough money to last a week yesterday and I seriously have to get another place to rent because this exploitation is unacceptable and the late night Barcelona matches have to be watched.


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