The Employers

For the few years I have been employed, I have had my share with bosses, some good, others bad and the ugly.

The good ones;
These ones don’t care about what time you arrive and leave work, all they care about is getting the job done. Payment of salary is always on the 26th day of the month. When you go to the field with them, lunch and accomodation is always sorted. They always give you advice on how to progress in your career and inform you of any short courses you can do.

The bad ones;
These tend to be petty about issues like how long you take eating lunch, which girl are you talking to at the workplace and how did you afford that Spacio that you just bought. They are very stringent with their money and always care about accountability more than getting the job done.

The Ugly;
You should never work for this type and if you find yourself employed by them, quit immediately. They have spies amongst their employees who feed them with whatever is going on at the workplace. They make random plans to travel to the field and later cancel them without informing anyone. They are always bitter when there are long holidays like Easter or Christmas because they are paying you for non-working days. They derive pleasure in seeing their employees miserably waiting for salary at the end of the month. And they always delay the salary by some 2 weeks. They never offer you a job contract and are jealous when they get to know about any short courses that you are attending.

I know humans are wired differently but how do you expect your firm to grow if all your employees are living miserable and unmotivated lives?


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Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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