Social Media Marketing

For those of us who have been on twitter for more than 4 years, the platform has changed so drastically.
Previously tweets were about real life experiences and humour but now everyone is busy vending a product or a service.

Group whatsapps have become a trend with everyone trying to get in touch with people they last saw 5 or more years ago. But if you look at the content being posted i.e videos and jokes, everything is replicated.

Normally the routine is the joke comes from twitter, goes to facebook and finally into the whatsapp groups.

Social media gatherings happen occassionally but I think their main focus is marketing. When someone acquires a few followers, one is forced to veer from their normal tweeting to advertising brands. If such a person is allowed to run public accounts, the grudges one had with some followers is transferred to these public accounts, something so unprofessional.

We all know money has to be made but please try to differentiate work and emotions apart and try to be original in whatever you post.


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Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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