Never Judge So Fast

When you travel frequently and get to meet people of various cultures and traditions, you learn some life lessons.

After finishing University, one tends to value oneself at a higher calibre as compared to other people who didn’t reach that level.

But the one thing that is certain, every person has their own background and that’s something no one can change.

After campus when you meet a girl and when someone tells you she is a prostitute, you quickly distance yourself seeing them as a devil.

But take a minute and talk to this girl about her life experience and then put yourself in her shoes.

If you would have made a wiser decision from what she did, advise her accordingly but if you would have taken her path, stop judging.

Some of these girls see that as their own source of income given that their level of education is low and with the way some of us graduates are still unemployed in this country, how about them.


About silwaxxy2013

Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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