Recently the UG blogging community informed me they were holding a one week blogging session about “school made me no better”. I thought it would be wise to write something about the theme.

Currently i’m in bed with Sheebah Karungi’s song “Tunywe” and I can tell you school didn’t teach me how to or not to drink beer.

At the age of 15, I managed beer stores for weddings where people would plead for free beers and I had the powers to either accept or reject.

That meant I could take a beer or two at those functions and still run the stores.

As I grew up, I learnt how many beers this body could accomodate through a “trial and error” method.

So I think school didn’t influence much on how many beers I take or whom I buy beers for.


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Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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