It has been long since i last blogged but now that the #UgBloggingWeek is here, let me give it a try.

The biggest leap one can take in life is finishing university and move into the cruel world where everyone is willing to take advantage of you.

You may think you have many friends who are genuine but when it comes to money, only a handful are willing to bail you out in case of anything.

Have you ever been so broke that you feared getting out of the house just because someone may entice you to buy something with the last 1k you have?

Have you ever cooked the last half kilo of rice with g.nuts and divided that meal into half such that you can get what to consume for supper?

Have you ever taken tea without sugar and convinced yourself that it’s healthy, yet you just didn’t have money for sugar?

Have you ever moved in a taxi with only a Shs500 coin only to see a guy pull out a 50,000 note to pay the conductor and all you can do is wish that the guy would donate a 2,000 note to you?

Brokeness teaches you so much about life and in any case you get out of it, spend the rest of your life avoiding it.

About silwaxxy2013

Civil Engineer in the making, moved like a kite in the wind
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