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Yesterday I was helping out a girl understand some of her economics notes involving regression analysis and rank correlation. As I solved the numbers, I questioned myself whether she could ever apply any of this stuff in real life and … Continue reading

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Being Shy

I had just joined St.Savio P/S in P.2 and our English teacher Mrs. Mugagga told the whole class to each tell story about how our holiday was. Each day that passed, each one of my classmates would tell a story … Continue reading

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Recently the UG blogging community informed me they were holding a one week blogging session about “school made me no better”. I thought it would be wise to write something about the theme. Currently i’m in bed with Sheebah Karungi’s … Continue reading

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Never Judge So Fast

When you travel frequently and get to meet people of various cultures and traditions, you learn some life lessons. After finishing University, one tends to value oneself at a higher calibre as compared to other people who didn’t reach that … Continue reading

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Growing Old

In life, some things can be reversed and others can’t. One of the irreversables is growing old. The human female specie has a problem with ageing. They always jump from one cosmetic to another just to look 10 years younger. … Continue reading

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