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‘No fingers in my Nini please’, says Chili

Well, this blog started as a real porno story till she gradually slowed it down, on twitter i would say “awa maney” but anyway things happen. I felt it was worth it….hope you enjoy the read. First he kisses you … Continue reading

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Tragedy: When your male friends own a car and you don’t

Originally posted on The Deal:
If you are a man, one of the uglier truths you have to contend with is that one of your friends will buy or acquire a car before you do. The way life is structured,…

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Day 23: Being Judged

To some, life is a constant turbulence Never accepting the simple thoughts There is more to life Not to be given away But to be spent God sent us idle time to use, As we see fit, financial gain or … Continue reading

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Day 1: Sound The Alarm

My previous 7 blogs were part of the #UGBlogWeek which acted as a starter for my 30 day blog challenge for this new month, November. So this is day 1, enjoy the ride. My favourite aunt was baptising her son … Continue reading

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What A Day

That friday started bright and sunny and I was munching my breakfast thinking of how i would be paid, remove that beeping sound of the yaka meter and buy myself some vodka to end the stressful week. Turns out I … Continue reading

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