Yesterday I was helping out a girl understand some of her economics notes involving regression analysis and rank correlation.

As I solved the numbers, I questioned myself whether she could ever apply any of this stuff in real life and make some good money from it.

We studied Commerce, Accounts and Economics but when it comes to starting a business, these subjects may not help so much as it comes to relating with and attracting customers.

If our education system taught us a more practicable approach to business like apprenticeship, then we would have more Warren Buffetts than job seekers.

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Being Shy

I had just joined St.Savio P/S in P.2 and our English teacher Mrs. Mugagga told the whole class to each tell story about how our holiday was.

Each day that passed, each one of my classmates would tell a story until I was the only one left.

The whole class was looking at me, wondering how I couldn’t make up a story of how my holiday was.
It’s not like I didn’t know how to speak English or tell a story but i was too shy to say anything.

I just kept quiet until the teacher gave me the punishment of missing the mid-morning kagaati that I seriously cherished for.

Up to now when faced with a crowd, I never show my full potential but all I do is end up stammering and missing a few critical points.

I admit school made me good at what I’m doing but when it comes to speaking to crowds, I tend to shudder.

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Recently the UG blogging community informed me they were holding a one week blogging session about “school made me no better”. I thought it would be wise to write something about the theme.

Currently i’m in bed with Sheebah Karungi’s song “Tunywe” and I can tell you school didn’t teach me how to or not to drink beer.

At the age of 15, I managed beer stores for weddings where people would plead for free beers and I had the powers to either accept or reject.

That meant I could take a beer or two at those functions and still run the stores.

As I grew up, I learnt how many beers this body could accomodate through a “trial and error” method.

So I think school didn’t influence much on how many beers I take or whom I buy beers for.

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Never Judge So Fast

When you travel frequently and get to meet people of various cultures and traditions, you learn some life lessons.

After finishing University, one tends to value oneself at a higher calibre as compared to other people who didn’t reach that level.

But the one thing that is certain, every person has their own background and that’s something no one can change.

After campus when you meet a girl and when someone tells you she is a prostitute, you quickly distance yourself seeing them as a devil.

But take a minute and talk to this girl about her life experience and then put yourself in her shoes.

If you would have made a wiser decision from what she did, advise her accordingly but if you would have taken her path, stop judging.

Some of these girls see that as their own source of income given that their level of education is low and with the way some of us graduates are still unemployed in this country, how about them.

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Growing Old

In life, some things can be reversed and others can’t. One of the irreversables is growing old.

The human female specie has a problem with ageing. They always jump from one cosmetic to another just to look 10 years younger.

Personally I would be glad to grow old but with honour and respect.

To be highly informed about politics, engineering, health and other social issues.

To be able to transfer the information i’ve learnt through the years to the younger generation.

To attend conferences occasionally and meet peers whom we share a similar level of thinking.

To live to see our kids give life to another generation.

And to finally go to the resting place knowing I had a positive impact on human life.

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